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Asker Anonymous Asks:
will xaiter stream binding of isaac rebirth when it comes out? i gotta get my fix of xaiterluck somehow
thescottishdrop thescottishdrop Said:

Xaiter: gah yeah I guess I think I’m obligated after the absurd shit we did for the finale episode

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How much bullshit do you get asked
thescottishdrop thescottishdrop Said:

Not that much

  • PURPLE SWAG CARPET: *slips this under ur door anonomosly and runs away*
  • Panzer Skank: :O ???
  • PURPLE SWAG CARPET: u open teh envelope and it contains
  • Panzer Skank: SCREAms aND buRNS dowN MY hOUSE
  • PURPLE SWAG CARPET: PURPLE SWAG CARPET: waitin on the reaction now
  • PURPLE SWAG CARPET: ive got money riding on Panzer Skank: SCREAMING
  • Devious Vacuum: lol
  • PURPLE SWAG CARPET: its that or Panzer Skank: nO [with exactly that capitalization]
  • Devious Vacuum: lol yeah
  • PURPLE SWAG CARPET: i lost the bet
  • Panzer Skank: Lmfaooooo
  • Panzer Skank: Don’t make bets on my mixed caps screaming
Asker Anonymous Asks:
kaubocks smells pass it on
thescottishdrop thescottishdrop Said:

but everybody already knows that

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Where did everyone get their respective internet name from? And who came up with the group name? P.S. Is there any game that Oatmeal Raisin doesn't suck at?
thescottishdrop thescottishdrop Said:

Panzer: Okay let’s see, I ain’t wanna bother everyone for answers to this question so i’m going to make shit up! Mine is easy cause I got it from a random namechange thread years ago.


Deliciousbees: eats bees

D-vac: once smashed a vacuum to death and stole its name

Kaubocks: something about putting cows in boxes im not sure

Ragny: french for “sex lolipop”

Gharbad: some diablo thing i think, should i make a wirt’s leg joke??

Oatmeal Raisin: he probably likes cookies???

Xaiter: ancient greek god of soothing voices

Fuzzles: ancient greek god of fuzzy kitty cats

Grasslamb: she just a fuzzy lamblambs :3

Psychedelic Eyeball: descriptive sentence about himself i think

Fat Larry: "You can call me Fat Larry with an F-A-T, cuz I know I got a weight problem an’ I just don’t give a fuck!"

Edit: oh wait there were other questions. oh well

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How did the group come to be? Also, I heard a nasty rumor that's going around, are Panzer and Bees really dating? What about Ragny and Super Ragny? Do Oatmeal and Skippy secrety own a bakery shop together? How did I Am The Moon join? Does he even let's play? Do you enjoy multiple questions per submission, or do you like individual ones?
thescottishdrop thescottishdrop Said:

Panzer: Oh my god there is an ask box for this blog 

OKAY LET’S SEE scottish drop is basically just a bunch of us who like LPs/liked each other’s LPs so we all started yelling at each other??? No one is dating, the only one who knows how to bake is Geop, the moon is a heavenly body with a heavenly body and having multiple questions is fine! Thanks!!

  • Devious Vacuum: brb photoshopping a sailor moon outfit over that drawing
  • ヽ(°෴°)ノ Geop!: D:
  • ヽ(°෴°)ノ Geop!: NIGHTMARES
  • Devious Vacuum: look
  • Devious Vacuum: wouldn't you rather it comes from a friend
  • Devious Vacuum: who will photoshop you into sailor moon WITH RESPECT
Alejandra the ghost turns into a gun
gif by Grancheater

Alejandra the ghost turns into a gun

gif by Grancheater

Oatmeal is good at Dead Rising 3.

gif by Grancheater (OBVIOUSLY)

Oatmeal is good at Dead Rising 3.

gif by Grancheater (OBVIOUSLY)


hijo de la luna: the fact that
hijo de la luna: azeroth choppers
hijo de la luna: is a real thing
hijo de la luna: makes me want to die
Devious Vacuum: wha
Devious Vacuum: is that a mototrcycle gang
hijo de la luna:
hijo de la luna: i wish
Devious Vacuum: no
Devious Vacuum: I’m out
Devious Vacuum: good bye life

Asker Anonymous Asks:
panzer r u cool
thescottishdrop thescottishdrop Said:

Panzer: duh

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is there any videos of the d&d streams?
thescottishdrop thescottishdrop Said:

Panzer: Nope, sorry, those are lost to the ages. You can watch all of our Monster Hearts sessions, which is like d&d but way sexier, on d-vac’s youtube channel. (Season 1 playlist) (Season 2 playlist)

EDIT: OH WAIT DUH Compufreak is currently running an all Scotdrop Shadowrun game(s) and is putting out the sessions in a podcast format! Go check that shit out right now!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
It seemed like you were still enjoying monster hearts. Were you just phoning it in the last episodes?
thescottishdrop thescottishdrop Said:

DVac Says:  I just kinda stopped having time for it, what with the LP starting and other projects going on.  I wasn’t getting the feeling from the players that all of them felt particularly inspired because they didn’t have a lot of ideas for their characters going forward (except Gharbad, who will never be playing enough RPGs).  When you’re like “do we wanna keep going?” and people are like “eh, whatever” and not “OMG PLZ YES” then that’s probably a good time to stop.



~ Panzzzzer

CORPSE IN THE LIIIIIMOOO: Panzer Skank: lmbo at zen
Panzer Skank: NO
Panzer Skank: WHY
Panzer Skank: MURDERS U
Panzer Skank: TO DEATH
Panzer Skank: LMAO
Panzer Skank: FINE
Panzer Skank: ITS FINE DURP
Panzer Skank: ITS JUST FINE
CORPSE IN THE LIIIIIMOOO: I accidentally hit enter while I was trying to edit the “blahblahblah has changed their name to CORPSE IN THE LIIIMOOOO” back in lol
CORPSE IN THE LIIIIIMOOO: so I could submit it to the tumblr
Panzer Skank: hahahaha
CORPSE IN THE LIIIIIMOOO: I am not a smart baby.

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