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Alejandra the ghost turns into a gun
gif by Grancheater

Alejandra the ghost turns into a gun

gif by Grancheater

Oatmeal is good at Dead Rising 3.

gif by Grancheater (OBVIOUSLY)

Oatmeal is good at Dead Rising 3.

gif by Grancheater (OBVIOUSLY)


hijo de la luna: the fact that
hijo de la luna: azeroth choppers
hijo de la luna: is a real thing
hijo de la luna: makes me want to die
Devious Vacuum: wha
Devious Vacuum: is that a mototrcycle gang
hijo de la luna:
hijo de la luna: i wish
Devious Vacuum: no
Devious Vacuum: I’m out
Devious Vacuum: good bye life

Asker Anonymous Asks:
panzer r u cool
thescottishdrop thescottishdrop Said:

Panzer: duh

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is there any videos of the d&d streams?
thescottishdrop thescottishdrop Said:

Panzer: Nope, sorry, those are lost to the ages. You can watch all of our Monster Hearts sessions, which is like d&d but way sexier, on d-vac’s youtube channel. (Season 1 playlist) (Season 2 playlist)

EDIT: OH WAIT DUH Compufreak is currently running an all Scotdrop Shadowrun game(s) and is putting out the sessions in a podcast format! Go check that shit out right now!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
It seemed like you were still enjoying monster hearts. Were you just phoning it in the last episodes?
thescottishdrop thescottishdrop Said:

DVac Says:  I just kinda stopped having time for it, what with the LP starting and other projects going on.  I wasn’t getting the feeling from the players that all of them felt particularly inspired because they didn’t have a lot of ideas for their characters going forward (except Gharbad, who will never be playing enough RPGs).  When you’re like “do we wanna keep going?” and people are like “eh, whatever” and not “OMG PLZ YES” then that’s probably a good time to stop.



~ Panzzzzer

CORPSE IN THE LIIIIIMOOO: Panzer Skank: lmbo at zen
Panzer Skank: NO
Panzer Skank: WHY
Panzer Skank: MURDERS U
Panzer Skank: TO DEATH
Panzer Skank: LMAO
Panzer Skank: FINE
Panzer Skank: ITS FINE DURP
Panzer Skank: ITS JUST FINE
CORPSE IN THE LIIIIIMOOO: I accidentally hit enter while I was trying to edit the “blahblahblah has changed their name to CORPSE IN THE LIIIMOOOO” back in lol
CORPSE IN THE LIIIIIMOOO: so I could submit it to the tumblr
Panzer Skank: hahahaha
CORPSE IN THE LIIIIIMOOO: I am not a smart baby.

Submitted by DURP



Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you lot play TF2 at random or is there some way to know besides having the website opened 24/7
thescottishdrop thescottishdrop Said:

Panzer: Hi!!! Yeah we kinda play at random, but generally someone will tweet about it? So checking twitter isn’t a bad idea.

Edit: Fuzzles: Or join the Scot Drop steam group. Quite often I just start stuff going like the jerk I am.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Was last night's Octodad stream recorded? I didn't see it and can't figure out Instagib's interface.
thescottishdrop thescottishdrop Said:

Panzer: Yes hi! Right now instagib archives are private, so users have to manually upload the videos. Which Bees did! Here you go. :3

The House on Hardtack Hill
The Crumby’s Curse
The Call of Chapati
Rosemary’s Baguette
The Lost Sourdough of Cadavra
Fried Dough the 13th
Little Scone of Horrors
Plan Rye from Outer Space
The Invisible Naan
Roll 2
Curse of the Muffin’s Tomb
Crossiant from the Black Lagoon
Resident Evil: Anpanpocalypse
Casper the Friendly Brioche
Alien vs. Predatortilla
The Yeast from 20,000 Fathoms

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Are any of Xaiter's old Binding of Isaac streams from Livestream saved anywhere else? Most of them have been deleted from his livestream page.
thescottishdrop thescottishdrop Said:

Xaiter: Unfortunately, no.  :(

I really should stream more, but blegh.  

"daaaawwww look at that skull it’s like a baby skull" - Grasslamb 2013

moonmoonmoon: why is sigma a gundam

moonmoonmoon: megaman got weird

DVac’s Back, Baby!: oh right there’s a game on the left

moonmoonmoon: dvac stop objectifyin the nerd boys

moonmoonmoon: nice misandry

moonmoonmoon: jfc

moonmoonmoon: smh

DVac’s Back, Baby!: but it’s what i do

DVac’s Back, Baby!: *rips open shirt to reveal MISANDRY written across chest*

moonmoonmoon: you know you could have just had a misandry shirt under the other shirt dvac

moonmoonmoon: no need to be such an exhibitionist

DVac’s Back, Baby!: that’s what I meant